Friday, 9 April 2010

Virtual love for our perfect opposite

Talking of, (well I referred to it briefly in my Penguin Dating post), here's something so completely different it could be called (maybe not, that sounds like a relationship breakup service). 
Having promoted the happiness we can enjoy once we have found people like us, I'm now going to enthuse about taking a step towards meeting our complete opposites.
Confused? Fair enough. Bare with me ... 
Couscous Global believe we learn the most about ourselves by talking to people who are different to us and who disagree with us. In their latest project, they have created "The technological translation of ... I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to death your right of saying that"
Love Your Perfect Opposite, is an application which can be linked into many social networking sites. Register, answer a few questions and meet your closest to perfect opposites. Have a chat, have a debate and enjoy finding out why your opposites think the way they do.  Feeling sociable?
Pop over to LYPO

Couscous Global sent out an international invitation for video journals of peoples interests, nationality, cultural background etc. When the project ended, in 2009, around 300 videos had been uploaded onto its Youtube channel.

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