Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sprismatic Medal For Keeping A New Year's Resolution

Project 365 encourages creatives to produce a piece of work every day of the year. They are two weeks away from completing their 2010 resolution and one of my favourites has been posted by Nathan James Paige on his Ideas Man blog.
Posting one each day is quite some feat, especially as these aren't just sketches but often topical cartoons. His references to festivals show he may not have been in the best situation to post every day of the year but he's done it. Big fat respect and The Sprismatic Medal For Keeping A New Year's Resolution goes to Mr Paige.
Here's a sample of the 350 posted so far:

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sloths Aren't Sinful - They Simply Don't Do Stress

Sloths, these comically beautiful creatures have been given a bad name. The Bible hasn't helped the sloth's public image. Behaving like a sloth is, along with idleness, one of the deadly sins. They are quoted for being spiritually idle. And it's stuck. People who have never seen a Bible know sloths have a bad name.

How do we know they aren't concentrating on filling themselves with light and pondering the meaning of life as they lie there? We don't. They may know the meaning of life, which is why they look so relaxed. We don't speak Sloth so who knows?

Sloths do enough to feed themselves when they need to eat; reproduce to maintain the species and care for their young.

My feeling is they are scapegoats. There's nothing wrong with being chilled. As long as we do all we can to look after ourselves, and any dependents, then that's a good start.

If we are able to do that without getting stressed, running round in circles until we are worn out and "fit for nothing else", all the better.

Relax when you can ... be MORE like a sloth.