Friday, 30 April 2010

The Elephants are in London

 After months of painting, sticking, glueing, chissleing and moulding, these elephants have arrived in the capital. Over 250 elephants are gathering, ready to be in place for the exhibition's start on Monday, 3rd May. Each of the elephants has been decorated by designers and artists, many of whom have been sponsored. 
This is Big Heart, Open Mind by Julia Rodgers. 

Resin being added to some of the finished exhibits. 

The photographic exhibition, recording the creation of the Elephant Parade London 2010 is running now until May 14, at the Hempel Hotel in London.
A map will be published this weekend, showing the location of the 250 or so decorated elephants.
The Parade has been organised in support of the endangered Asian elephant.
For those of you in, (and awake) in London at 7.30 on Sunday morning - the organisers are calling for volunteers to meet them at Green Park or Waterloo Tube Stations to help move the elephants into place.
Visit their Facebook Page for further details.

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