Monday, 5 April 2010

Sadly consumerism isn't dead but it's got more entertaining

Proving you can take the girl out of Stepford but you can't take Stepford out of the girl (see a previous blog) ...
Ever been to a Tupperware Party? Maybe your mum hosted one? If so you'll know the format and will have heard how "FANTASTIC" the product is. "You just give it a little burp and it's TOTALLY air-tight".
Well, I may mock - but I've got a cupboard full of this non-bio degradable* kitchen "its guaranteed for life!" phenomenon. (Well more than one cupboard full ... if you count the fridge and freezer containers. But they are all constantly in use).
Did you see the Forever Ware episode (pictured below) of early 90's TV series, Eerie, Indiana? It made me laugh (and cringe) because, although extreme, it's kind of spot on. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the special beds are fantasy.

Tupperware's Number One Top Sales Consultant in America 2009 is Aunt Barbara (above). See this Newsweek news report video.
She has her own channel on Youtube
I'm not promoting these plastic boxes, because there's enough temptations out there to part with our cash, but I am promoting laughter. So watch these videos for a smile and block out the sales pitch.

 * ... but the company does recycle damaged parts which are returned for replacement.

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  1. I want an Aunt Barbara Tupperware party! I never thought about using a 'quick shake' container for cocktails...


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