Friday, 16 April 2010

Yellow aint mellow it's energersing

Ah Spring. Ah daffodils.

Creatives get out there and walk among the daffodils. This is the colour for creativity and walking among them can help. Happily, some incredibly patient souls have planted them alongside motorways, in the middle of roundabouts and up municipal landscaping throughout the UK, but I'm not suggesting we park up on the hard shoulder and skip gayly along the embankment to recharge our creative juices. An appreciation from afar will do for them, but if you are in the city there's a few in the parks.
Despite Donovan singing Mellow Yellow, it's a lively colour. Yellow is the colour of the third chakra, the solar plexus, and there's precious little of it in our daily urban lives. Strangely what there is isn't very optimistic and cheerful. For example, I give you:

You get the idea. And yellow has yet to be the new black in fashion. It enjoys a little flutter on the catwalks and a couple of years ago it was considered on trend, but be honest, how many yellow clothing items do you have in your wardrobe?

OK. Yes that counts! 
So when we do see a flash of yellow. Lets make the most of it. 
Expect lots of beautiful ideas to come out of Washingston State soon. They are currently celebrating their 77th annual week long Daffodil Festival. 

They understand the power of the yellow.

And talking of energising, creative and inspiring ...

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