Wednesday, 3 March 2010

More (250) Painted Elephants

Talking of painted elephants ...  over 250 life-size elephants will be creating the largest outdoor art event in London, this summer.
The Elephant Parade London 2010 is being organised by Elephant Family, a charity working to save the Asian elephant from extinction and abuse. Artists and celebrities are decorating the fibre-glass elephants which will be placed in parks, streets and buildings throughout the centre of the capital.
At the end of June, the elephants will be auctioned to benefit the Asian elephant and 20 conservation charities round the world.
I'm going to plot my trail to include the  ones created by Lulu Guinness, Quentin Blake and Alice Cooper (yes him, that one).
Also, artists Carrie Reichardt and Nick Reynolds are decorating their London Parade elephant (pictured) with mosaic tiles. That, I have to see. Carrie is blogging the progress of this, literally mammoth, undertaking on her site. (Love the truck too).
The locations are still being arranged, but Berkeley Square has been confirmed to be the setting for six of the elephants. We can keep up with the preparations on the Parade's Facebook fan site. 

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