Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Penguin Dating - not how I read the tin

While researching the previous post, I discovered Penguin Dating. Thinking it meant that the Group were sponsoring the courtship of shy penguins, I clicked the link ready for an Aw! moment. After all, penguin colonies are shrinking and they are represented in most of our zoos conservation reports. Those of you who are more up to speed than me will already know that Penguin have a tie-in with

Rockhopper Penguins

The idea being to introduce people with similar reading interests. Well good luck to them, whatever it takes to help people say hello to each other. But I hope readers don't miss the love of their lives just because he has a Nigella Lawson cook book fetish and she's more of a Jamie Oliver fan.
Now there's a thought ... if you don't like cooking, get searching for someone who reads cook books. Maybe it's not such a daft idea.

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