Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A ray of sunshine among all the media royalty confusion

Embedding this video is special. It is possible because the American band OK Go stepped outside the corporate record company box and said "No this isn't right'. In this case, the removal of embedding code on their videos on YouTube. If you would like a background to this story, The New York Times published an Opinion Editorial piece by OK Go member, Damian Kulash Jr.

Kulash explained the bands frustration with EMI's restrictions imposed on the sharing of their YouTube posted videos. He gives some interesting figures proving the publicity value of social network sharing. It's a balanced insight into the advantages and disadvantages of being a signed act.
OK Go and EMI have now parted company; the band has formed its own record company and an insurance company has sponsored the above video for "This Too Shall Pass".
I'm posting this as a celebration, because we can. And because I wish I'd been one of the guys in the band for this shoot!

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