Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Get Fit, Watch More Videos

Instead of signing up for a gym (and staying home anyway), I spent a lot of January researching skateboarding videos from my sofa. And it seems to work. After watching boarders' satisfaction when they pull off a move, I feel great*.
So this is a tribute to the guys of Brighton, Madrid and Venice Beach. Three different worlds. Three very different moods. And all of them just having so much fun.

Brighton: Harvey Saunders Warning: You may want to stick your fingers in your ears, for the opening minute ...

Madrid: by Juan Rayos (introduced to me by one of my favourite blogs It's Nice That)

California : Beginner (yeh not) Devendra Banhart

* Health note: The author of this post understands the value of a good healthy lifestyle and respects everyone who attends a gym more than once. Watching extreme sports videos is no compensation for a healthy diet and exercise. While lightening her winter mood watching other people achieve feats she is incapable of, she also decreased her calorie intake, drank lots of green tea and water. She does, however, credit the armchair skateboarding for the adrenaline rush which inspired her to walk miles and dance for hours.

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