Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Safety in Numbers with Creative Block

Image: Scott Hansen

Back in the day, a creative woke the left side of their brain with a flick through a favourite mag and maybe the arts pages of a newspaper. Now, we have the internet and instant access to blogs. Hooray for blogs and the trouble so many go to to share their inspirations.

However, sometimes the ideas still refuse to come and we realise we have spent two hours rearranging paint brushes / building a paper clip snake / cleaning the keyboard with cotton buds or reading the gossip sites "to check the fashions".

Scott Hansen gives us a reassuringly laid back piece in the tone of:  Yeh it happens, so this is what a few of us do about it. If your work place isn't your home, the pasta cooking may not be helpful but how the writer ends that piece would work in most places of work! Thank you Scott.

So do we think this guy may have creative block?

This pic is on the Unhappy Hipsters site, who credits this photo to Dwell, with the caption:

"With the shelves finally ordered by size, function, and smell, he got to work separating the pine needles from the sawdust on the terrace." 

And there are many more like that one . . .

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