Monday, 28 November 2011

WANTED Creative Banter

While researching the work of artist Goro Fujita I came across an illustrative banter between himself and his friend, Stephan Stoelting.

Click and Scroll down for the Photoshop Battle

It made me laugh and I envied their ability to have a joke with each other using their talent.

Meanwhile I've taken time out from promoting, guiding and encouraging others to put my energy into producing something new myself.

Fujita cites Stoelting as his first and most inspiring mentor. If any of those I have mentored, helped, inspired or entertained would like to enter into a sparing of ironic words please get in touch. Meanwhile if any of my mentors read this, I'm inviting an email.

I would love to start the day dropping a figurative lump of concrete from above and anticipating someone else throwing back the final word. (And Vica Versa!)

And here's what started me off on the trail to find out more about Goro Fujita

Animation Demo Reel 2010 from Goro Fujita on Vimeo.

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