Thursday, 4 November 2010

Got A Ten Year Career Plan Mapped Out?

As if the Autumn weather and long nights weren't enough, the media have launched into their bah humbug "We're doomed, we're all doomed" comfort zone.
As is traditional at this time of the year, just as the students have returned to uni all fresh and sparkling and raring to go (that's right isn't it?), we are getting reports of how few jobs there will be at the end of it. Well compared to a few years back, yes. But there are still a lot of people earning a living, some even love the work they're doing and many are earning a lot.
So hey, how about giving yourself a break and allowing yourself to think you too will be paid for your work too.
And ignore the "You've got to being doing brilliantly as soon as you leave university or you haven't a chance."
Yes, that would be good. But some people take a while to get established in whatever field. Many change their 'career path' altogether.
During one episode of Dragon's Den, after hearing an unsuccessful pitch from a young entrepreneur, Duncan Bannatyne said:
"I have to think back sometimes to what I was doing at that age.
I didn't have a business...I was pennyless. I didn't have a penny to my name. I lived on the beach did a bit of surfing. Worked in a bar in the night time. I didn't have a bank account till I was thirty."
If your dream is to be a millionaire by the time you are thirty, then I wish you well, but if you aren't you may just be a late starter.

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