Saturday 17 November 2012


I discovered this film while looking for sound track composers (ticktockrobot are heroes of mine for their extraordinary animation but also finding the right sound).

Although I've had a longstanding draw to Graham Carter's art, I hadn't seen his creations animated.  Me, Marionette was released to accompany his show in May, to me it is perfect warmth for a cold Autumn night.

So much so the visuals (and Richard Spiller's soundtrack) re-inspired me to open up this blog during a period of "write don't talk."

Me, Marionette from ticktockrobot on Vimeo.

Friday 2 March 2012

The First Trailer for Tim Burton's new feature - Frankenweenie

This is the first release of footage from Tim Burton's new stop-motion animation full length feature Frankenweenie.

Back in the 80's Burton made a short film about a boy who brings his dog back to life. The idea and characters are similar but this film has light, fun and humour as well as the dark, lightening lit skies and gravestone moments. 

This is described as a Teaser-Trailer so we can expect more images before the release in October. Can I book my seat now?

Monday 28 November 2011

WANTED Creative Banter

While researching the work of artist Goro Fujita I came across an illustrative banter between himself and his friend, Stephan Stoelting.

Click and Scroll down for the Photoshop Battle

It made me laugh and I envied their ability to have a joke with each other using their talent.

Meanwhile I've taken time out from promoting, guiding and encouraging others to put my energy into producing something new myself.

Fujita cites Stoelting as his first and most inspiring mentor. If any of those I have mentored, helped, inspired or entertained would like to enter into a sparing of ironic words please get in touch. Meanwhile if any of my mentors read this, I'm inviting an email.

I would love to start the day dropping a figurative lump of concrete from above and anticipating someone else throwing back the final word. (And Vica Versa!)

And here's what started me off on the trail to find out more about Goro Fujita

Animation Demo Reel 2010 from Goro Fujita on Vimeo.

Thursday 23 June 2011

On The Road

During the Summer months, while I'm mostly on the road:

Twitter is updated frequently, Facebook less frequently and this blog ... not so much.

Please Like on Facebook for small bites of Sprismatic people's work and Follow on Twitter for posts about (and for) creatives including film, music, festivals, design ... and Brighton.

Possible Golden Silence here for a while . . .

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Digital v. Hardcopy: This weekend Go Hard

Still from the video for Metronomy's The Look off their new album The English Riveria

The new appointment of Maria Martin-Prat as Head of Unit Services 1, Directorate General Internal Market, European Commission (copyright laws) is either going to be a Good Thing or a Bad Thing, depending on your area of involvement in the recording industry.

In the past she has wanted to make the burning of even back up copies illegal. If Ms Martin-Prat takes it to that level it would throw me onto the wrong side of the law for copying, for safety, a track I've downloaded from Beatport.

As we've lost an entire Sonic Stage library to the sudden death of a PC and 50%* of music which was only stored in iTunes after a Mac went blank, we now burn copies of every online purchase.

If Ms Martin-Prat's intention is to ban the burn-to-disc home PC ability and to make digital so precarious that we all go back to hard copies, then the repercussions are immense. I will leave it to the industry specialist reporters to work that one out for us.

Here's something she should approve of. If you are planning on downloading the Metronomy album, please don't if you can visit a local independent record store. Pop in and buy a copy. The CD is stunningly packaged, reminiscent of a souvenir Cornish Clotted Cream Fudge box. It's a joy to hold and our independents really do deserve to be supported. They aren't the bad guys in this Euro squabble.

Saturday, April 16 is Record Store Day throughout the country. Most shops will have special one off releases and vinyls on the day. If you find yourself about to three-click-purchase some music this week, stop and think whether you could pop into one or more of the 180 participating record stores on Saturday and give them your money instead. We have seven in Brighton alone. Locate your nearest Record Day Store.

* The other 50% was loaded from hardcopy purchases. We will continue to buy them whatever the EU bangs on our table - just because we love the artwork, insert stories and reading the notes and credits.

We play a lot of music from artists who haven't had record deals, who make music available to download or burn off their own copies. We love, promote and help push them towards their dreams. What of them Ms Martin-Prat? 

Monday 4 April 2011

Summing Sprismatic Up In Tweets

There's nothing like a tweet cloud to find out where our tweet priorities are. Here is a scan of my last 200 tweets:

Friday 11 February 2011

Sending Some Un Valentine's Day Love

I've held back on posting this because I don't buy into the whole Valentine thing*.

There's enough out there to remind the single-not-by-choice they don't have a Valentine.
Also Valentine's Day can alienate religious people who don't recognise Christian Saints.
And my final bah humbug is in defence of the people who are in perfectly fine relationships who feel they're lacking something if they don't receive a Valentine card (let alone a weekend in Paris with a bed covered in rose petals). We all know romance comes in many forms and, for me, someone protecting me is the most romantic of acts.

I'm all for us being reminded that if we actually quite like someone then February is a good month to tell/show them. We're officially in Spring (but the layers of clothes we're wearing say 'Winter') so this is a good month to snuggle up and exchange tokens of our affection.

But it doesn't have to be on February 14th and it can be something which will last as a reminder for another twelve months (unlike flowers and chocolates).

So just to be sure you're too late for ordering for Monday, I'm posting this today. The artist sends hearts all round the world and throughout the year. Love, thank goodness, IS celebrated 365 days of the year ... somewhere! Surprise the one you love with this after the 14th.

There are two types of heart offered by Your Alchemy, I especially like the clay version and the artist is offering a limited edition in wood. Beautiful.

Meanwhile, if there is someone you really like (friend, potential lover, lover) you may like this song enough to send them the link to the video. Just don't feel you have to send it on Monday!

Happy Un-Valentine's Day to you on whatever the date is when you read this, including Monday.


* If you have sent me a card, ordered flowers or planned a romantic surprise for me for February 14th, thank you. How lovely. Please don't read this post!